Saturday, June 6 2009 Accompanying farmers in Khirbet Safa

We arrived, a group of Israeli and international activists, joining several groups of farmers in an attempt to work their lands. This time, as well, after about half an hour of work, all the groups were approached by soldiers and informed that the area was declared a ‘closed military zone’. As opposed to all the previous times, when the order presented referred to the current day or on occasion the next as well, the order present to us today was relevant for 15 days, and applied to all the lands of the village. The meaning of enforcing this order for such a period of time is a fatal verdict for the crops of the village, and the most obscene violation in Safa to date of Bagatz “Mesik”. Yet, as usual, all our explanations about the illegality of the regular orders, and this one especially, were useless. The farmers were forbidden from working for even one more moment, and the soldiers hurried us out of the area. We left the plots quickly, but one of the commanders decided it wasn’t fast enough for him, and one activist was arrested. He was released from the police station several hours later.