Saturday, May 30 2009 Accompanying farmers in Khirbet Safa

Once again, Palestinian farmers from Khirbet Safa accompanied by Israeli and international volunteers were prevented from accessing their lands. After an hour of work, soldiers arrived and declared a ‘closed military zone’, and allowed the group 10 minutes to evacuate. The soldiers attacked the group, arrested two Israeli activists and using their riot batons forcibly evacuated the rest of the group, continuing to push them up the grueling hill all the way back to the village. The settlers of Bat Ayin rejoiced on the top of their hill, yelling “Death to the Arabs”, and other similar cries.

On Mukhtar Hill, on the lands of other farmers from Safa, 15 settlers attacked a group of women and children, overturned the car of activist Ezra Nawi, and stole an activists’ camera while a group of soldiers watched the violence calmly from the side. When a Palestinian tractor driver, prevented by the army from working in the valley below, helped flip Ezra’s car back over, the soldiers decided to wake up, and declared a ‘closed military zone’ (another one), and began violently evacuating the farmers, including women and children, and the activists. Three more Israeli activists were arrested, and one of them was struck numerous times with riot sticks and kicked. Two 14-year-old Palestinian youths from the village were also arrested. Of course, all of the attacking settlers were left to enjoy the remainder of their Sabbath by the police and the soldiers.

Border Police Violence, May 30 2009