Friday, March 9 2012 Raising funds to pay our legal costs

The Ta’ayush movement has worked for more than ten years to support the Palestinian residents in South Hebron Hills in their struggle to preserve their homes and agricultural lands.  Palestinians in South Hebron Hills face constant harassment and violence by Israeli settlers and the army. Preventing access to agricultural lands and water cisterns, house demolitions, setting fire to tents and physical attacks are common methods in the authorities’ and settlers’ attempt to push the Palestinian residents out of their homes towards the area’s urban centers (for example, Yatta, Samua, Dura and Dahariyya) where a life of poverty awaits them.

Recently we at Ta’ayush have witnessed increasing pressure from the state authorities. In order to discourage our activism, the police  have been making more frequent arrests and opening criminal proceedings against activists.

One of our activists faces a trial following a Ta’ayush activity to aid Palestinian farmers in their attempt to reach their agricultural lands.

Two other activists are also facing trial for accompanying shepherds as they grazed their flocks.

Recently, Israeli police issued an indictment against an activist in a fourth case. She, along with other activists, was accompanying Palestinian farmers to a water cistern that they cannot reach alone because of attacks by Israeli settlers. These farmers, like the thousands of Palestinian residents in the South Hebron Hills, are not connected to the water grid and rely on these cisterns as one of their primary sources of water.

Ta’ayush is committed to supporting activists who face trial. However, paying for these court cases is a heavy burden on Ta’ayush’s very limited financial resources; the costs of legal fees are so high that they threaten to curtail our important work in the field.

For this reason, we are in desperate need of donations to continue our important work.

Donations can be via bank deposit to:

Bank Hapoalim

Branch 574 (‘Hapalmach’)

Account no. 160213

Swift code ‘poalilit’

IBAN: IL61-0125-7400-0000-0160-213

You can also  send checks by mail, payable to:


c/o Yehuda Agus, POB 360

Timrat 36576


Every donation, no matter how small, will help us support our activists and continue our important work on the ground.

 In solidarity and thanks, Ta’ayush.