Monday, May 21 2012 settlers attack in front soldiers

During Harvest that took place yesterday, 21 May 2012 near the outpost of “Mitzpe Yair”, arrived number of settlers led by Avidan Ofir, “Hebron Regional Council land inspector.” One of the settlers snatched one of the reapers sickle and began to attack and threaten him. He went and grabbed a camera from one of the activist’s hand that was filming, and began smash it on a rock.
Ezra, who continued to shoot, although was under several attacks, miraculously managed to protect the camera.
At the same time, other settlers attacked Palestinians and injured women. Assaults and damaged property, among them blew up one of tractor’s rear tires; occurred in front, and were monitor by the soldiers who were there. They almost never intervened, and certainly not prevented the occurrence. To this point, no steps were taken against any of the attackers !