Saturday, January 19 2013 15 arrested in Umm el-Arayes, among them an 18 month old baby

10 Palestinians and five Israeli activists were arrested in Umm el-Arayes for violating a closed military zone issued to prevent the Palestinian farmers from plowing their own land. The occupation forces used much violence and a skunk truck was brought to the spot. Among the detainees was an 80 year old man, and three minors, among them an 18 month  old baby who was arrested along with her mother.  Most detainees were released on Sautrday. Two were held in arrest overnight: one Palestinian woman,the mother of the arrested baby (the baby was released Saturday along with her father and grandfather who were also arrested) and one Israeli woman activist. Both were released the following day, not before a bail of 5000 NIS was payed to have the Palestinian released. Four Palestinians who were arrested Friday for approaching a fence that settlers from Susya recently put up on a private Palestinian land (and that was removed some weeks ago) were also released Sunday.

For David Shulman’s report on the relatively peaceful plowing that took place at Rihya at about the same time, click here.

In January 31, Israel’s supreme court will hear the petition filed by the right wing NGO Regavim to demolish over 70 structures in Palestinian Susya. Our friends in Rabbis for Human Rights have launched a blog that brings the story of 10 years old Hadidja and her family who live in Susya, a Palestinian village in the South Hebron Hills, which is threatened with destruction. You are welcome to visit the blog and while you’re at it send your protest to the Israeli government.