Sunday, June 9 2019 This week in South Mt. Hebron

This week in South Mt. Hebron –

Soldiers demanded that the driver of a Ta’ayush vehicle inform them of the travel
destinations of the activists; when the driver refused, the soldiers threatened to harm his
livelihood. Palestinian owners of land near the new illegal outpost in Wadi Sweid are
afraid to harvest their crops without the presence of activists.

In contrast to the IDF escort regulations set by the Knesset in 2005 in order to protect the
children of Tuba on their way to school from violent attacks by settlers from Havat Maon, the
army did not provide escort for two pupils who had to come from At-Tuba for the
matriculation exam in At-Tuwani last Saterday, June 8 th 2019. Therefore, activists from At-
Tuwani accompanied the two pupils to school in the morning, and Ta’ayush activists joined
the escort back to Tuba in the afternoon. The pupils arrived and returned safely. While the
transportation driver of Ta’ayush was waiting for the activists in At-Tuwani, a military force
came and demanded that he report the travel destinations of the activists. When he refused,
the soldiers threatened to harm his livelihood. Still, the driver refused.

Last Saturday, Ta’ayush activists accompanied shepherds in Umm al-Amad and Wadi Sweid
without any disturbance. However, the palestinian owners of land adjacent to the new outpost
in Wadi Sweid are afraid to harvest their crops without an accompaniment of activists. The
activists arrived this Saturday also to document developments in the outpost, after
Palestinians living in the area reported noisy earthworks at night throughout the week. A
military force tried to prevent the activists from reaching the outpost without presenting a
closed military zone order, and the activists protested and continued on their way. In the
outpost, the activists noted earthworks, the area was prepared for further construction, and the
main tent and toilet structure were moved deeper within the boundaries of the area allocated
to Susya settlement. Children from Susya were playing in the plunge pool. Many other
military forces arrived in the area and presented a closed military zone order under the pretext
of “security reasons.” The activists left the area.

In Umm al-Arayes, the Palestinian landowner managed to harvest his crops in the fields
where he had entry permit, for the last two days. On both days, IDF soldiers stopped the work
for three hours, and he was allowed to continue only after the intervention of the DCO.