Tuesday, June 25 2019 This week (June 16-22) in the South Mount Hebron

On Saturday, Soldiers refused to appear to accompany pupils on their way between
Tuba and At Tuwani, but arrived with reinforcements, when activists joined the
children. New low: settlers robbed food from a family of Palestinian harvesters
On Saturday morning, June 22nd, 2019, the military escort, obligated to protect the children
of Tuba from the settlers of Havat Maon, did not arrive to accompany the children on their
way to school in At Tuwani; therefore international activists went instead with two pupils
heading to their matriculation exam. At noon, after the exam, Ta’ayush activists came to
accompany the children back to the regular meeting point with the military escort, and, when
the soldiers did not arrive, they called the DCO, who informed them that there was no escort
on Shabbat (Saturday). As a result, the activists accompanied the children through a long
detour – at which point an increased military force arrived and accompanied them.
In Umm al-Arais, an officer and his soldiers tried to prevent a Palestinian landowner and his
family from spending time in their fields, as they do every Saturday, claiming that the entire
area was a closed military zone. The landowner explained to the officer the limits of the
order, and the force left the area.
In Umm al-Imad and in Wadi Sweid, activists accompanied shepherds, and the grazing went
uninterrupted. One of the shepherds in Wadi Sweid said that the day before, June 21st, he had
been harvesting a plot in the wadi with his family. They sat down to rest and eat when four
settlers passed by on their way from the new outpost to Susya. The settlers grabbed the food
bag of the Palestinian harvesters and continued on their way.
Ta’ayush activists went to the new outpost to document what was happening there, and
soldiers with their commanding officer tried to deny them access to the area, claiming that it
was a closed military zone, but did not issue an order. The activists continued to the outpost,
documented and left. The officer demanded that some of the activists show their id’s, but
refused to identify himself, contrary to regulations. The same officer recently threatened the
driver of the Ta’ayush bus.
Activists documented a new high-voltage line as well as new road construction.