Saturday, July 6 2019 This Week in East Jerusalem, South Mt. Hebron, and the Jordan Valley

The violent attack by the Israeli police on ʿIsawwiya continues and was documented by activists who held vigil in the village throughout the past week

On July 4, an army force arrived at a small Palestinian nature reserve near Um al Hir, and, using five bulldozers, uprooted all the trees that were planted in the reserve about a decade ago

Police continue their attack on Issawiya with violent incursions into houses in the village, arrests, searches, and tickets at checkpoints inside the town and at both entrances. Throughout the week, activists came to document the police rampage in the village. The presence of the activists restrains the policemen a little and sometimes shortens their stay there.

Silwan is preparing for the evacuation of the Siam family from their home and settlers’ entry in their place. Activists held solidarity and protest vigils on Sunday and Friday. In the coming days, activists will also hold watches inside the house designated for evacuation.

In the northern Jordan Valley, in Ouja and Rashash, activists accompanied Palestinian shepherds in the area. In Ouja, shepherds were expelled several times by the army without order and unauthorized. The residents of Samara in the northern Jordan Valley suffer from new harassment by the settlers from the Umm Zuka outpost, who started sending their flocks into the cultivated land of their Palestinian neighbors and letting their sheep wipe out the crops.

In South Mt. Hebron, shepherds were escorted in Umm al-Ammad and Wadi Sweid on Saterday, July 6th. In Wadi Sweid during the previous week grazing went on undisturbed under military security.

Ta’ayush activists came to document the destruction caused by the army in a small nature reserve established by the Palestinians between Umm al-Hir and Hamida. The nature reserve, which was established more than ten years ago, is fenced and has water cisterns, a playground for children and cultivated local trees. On July 4, a military force arrived, accompanied by five bulldozers that uprooted dozens of old Acacia trees of the reserve.