Sunday, July 21 2019 This week in South Mt. Hebron, Jordan Valley and East Jerusalem

–A military operation to prevent water from Palestinians at the height of heat: 50 water tanker drivers were arrested and 32 water tankers confiscated in the Yatta and Hebron area. The occupation authorities accused the drivers of “stealing water”. A cistern and a water well were destroyed
–In Issawiya, activists’ watches were held all week, and there was a marked decrease in police brutality
–A new outpost next to Rimonim in the Jordan Valley and development of the new outpost that settlers built inside the firing zone

South Mt. Hebron: After months of denying Palestinian shepherds access to their land in Wadi Sweid and Attariya south of the wadi, there has been an improvement: the plot in the wadi “was granted” grazing permit for a month, and the herds graze there unhindered. In Attariya, settlers tried to expel the shepherds but failed to enlist the help of the army, and Palestinian shepherds are grazing undisturbed.
At the same time, however, the occupation forces started a wide-spread operation of withholding water from Palestinians in the area: On Sunday, July 14, 50 tanker drivers were arrested and 32 water tanks were confiscated, some in the Yatta area and some in the Hebron area. The drivers were accused of “stealing water.” By the end of the week, some of the drivers had been released. The absence of so many water tanks at this time of year is a severe blow to the very large population in the area that is dependent on the supply of water through these tankers. On Tuesday and Wednesday, army forces demolished a sheep pen in Guwain, as well as a water well near the entrance of Pnei Hever and a water cistern on the outskirts of Hebron.

Jordan Valley: In Auja, soldiers have been re-issuing two-day closed military zone orders to expel the shepherds. In Rashash, settlers harass the shepherds whenever there is no activists’ escort. When there is an escort of activists, grazing passes unhindered.
In the northern Jordan Valley, settlers from the Um Zuka outpost regularly bring their herds to graze on Palestinian-owned fields, and this week they also began using a private Palestinian water well. In the new outpost established within a firing zone west of Alon road, settlers erected a tent and a toilet and brought a truck used as a living space.
A new outpost was erected next to Rimonim in the Jordan Valley.

East Jerusalem: In Issawiya, activists held watches throughout the week, and there was a marked decline in police brutality.