Sunday, August 4 2019 This Week (28.7 – 3.8) in East Jerusalem, South Mt. Hebron, and Jordan Valley

Issawiya: Police, Border Patrol, and Special Forces Have been raging in the village for the third consecutive week, day and night – this week they’ve been aiming at children’s summer camps, blocking a bus carrying children for a fun day in Jericho. Six grown-up supervisors were arrested, and the children sent back to the village, the manager of another summer camp was arrested. Police assaulted activists holding a watch in Issawiya, fined a bike-rider 1500 ILS for riding without a helmet, beat up a resident inside his home for no reason, and threw a stun grenade resulting in burns to his back, and his arrest; they also summoned a five-year-old was summoned for questioning at police headquarters. Structures were demolished in North Jordan Valley. Settlers in Jordan Valley developed a new form of robbery: hooking up to a private Palestinian-owned water pipe, and filling their cistern

East Jerusalem
Over the last two weeks, Police, Border Patrol, and Special forces increased their brutality, which started eight weeks ago in Issawiya. Every day, at all hours of day and night, multiple forces, and dozens of vehicles have been raiding the village, performing arrests, shooting tear gas, pepper spray and rubber bullets, leaving behind injured, wounded and various fines. Police have focused on frightening and chasing children and youth, violent arrests, and even summoned a five-year-old child for questioning. They deployed special forces against children’s summer camps: blocking a bus carrying children for a fun day in Jericho, they arrested six grown-up supervisors and forced the children back to the village, and the summer activity ran by Jerusalem police forces. The director of another summer camp was arrested. When a resident asked to accompany forces breaking into his home, Police handcuffed him, beat him severely and then caused burns in his back by throwing a stun grenade at him; later they threw him brutally into the police car that took him into custody. A boy riding a bike without a helmet was fined ILS 1500. This week again Israeli activists held watches in the village almost every day, and Police have been attacking them as well.
South Mt. Hebron
On Saturday, August 3rs, accompanying shepherds went unhindered, and during the week there was relative calm. On Sunday, July 28, the army blocked some roads linking rout 317 north towards Yatta and A-Samo’a.
Jordan Valley
In Ein el Hilweh, opposite the settlement Maskiyot, Occupation Forces demolished two structures, and in Ras al Ahmar they confiscated and demolished eight structures, of which one housed a family of nine.
In Hadidya, settlers took over a plot of land and started cultivating it. The area is a declared Firing Zone, and the property is a recognized private Palestinian land.
In Ouja, army and settlers have been continuously expelling shepherds, with or without written orders. When activists accompany shepherds, it helps prevent the expulsion when there is no written order.
The new outpost near Rimonim settlement continues its brutality: settlers harass shepherds, bring their flocks to graze on Palestinian lands. Palestinian shepherds have been asking for activists’ accompaniment, since on days when activists were present the settlers did not disturb them.
The settlers in the area innitiated a new branch of robbery: they arrive at the Taybeh Junction to steal water from private Palesinian water-pipes, whose frightened owners don’t dare to report the thefts. On Wendsday, July 31th, activists arrived on the spot as the settlers hooked their mobile water tank onto the tap and filled up. Even the presence of the activists, who documented the theft on video, did not stop the settlers – though in response, one of them climbed the water barrel, wound his Tefillin strap around the hand he kept on the open tap, and started praying. The police was called and arrived, as usual, too late.