Monday, August 12 2019 This Week (4-11.8.2019) in East Jerusalem, Jordan Valley, and South Mt. Hebron

–Jerusalem district Police continue their harassment in Issawiye, and last Friday they also broke into the non-violent weekly demonstration in Sheikh Jarrah, arresting brutally two demonstrators, a Palestinian and an Israeli, for flying the Palestinian flag
–In Dirat, South Mt. Hebron, settlers set fire to a barn, leaving vengeful slogan behind; police confiscated the camera that documented the arson from the Palestinian plaintiff
— A settler, accompanied by a dog, from the new outpost of Susya, expelled shepherds from Wadi Suweid;
–Acute lack of water in South Mt. Hebron, increase of water delivery costs because of drivers’ arrest and confiscation of dozens of water trucks by the police two weeks ago

East Jerusalem
The blatant lies and fake reports about Issawiye that were revealed this week in the TV series “Jerusalem District” did not prevent the district police from continuing its systematic and daily harassment of Issawiye’s residents. The presence of activists clearly restrained and shortened Police presence in the village. However, as they admitted to residents, they only wait for the activists to leave, and then return in larger forces, blocking streets, disturbing traffic and commerce, breaking into houses at night, making violent arrests, leaving behind angry and injured residents. Even on the eve of the Eid, there was no respite. Among other things, Police broke the door into an apartment where seven children were staying without their parents and dragged one of the children, a 13-year-old, into custody, under suspicion of throwing stones. We may need to extend the hours of watches.
The quiet weekly demonstration that’s being held for years in Sheikh Jarrah also provided an arena for unloading anger and frustration of the policemen: last Friday, August 9, Police arrested brutally two activists, an Israeli and a Palestinian, for flying the Palestinian flag. The two were released with restrictions after a few hours.
On Sunday, August 11, the Jerusalem Police Commander obeyed the Messianic Right’s demands, violating the long-standing status quo on Temple Mount by allowing Jewish prayers on the Al Aqsa compound, in the middle of the Muslim prayers for the holy Eid; altercations ensued, leaving dozen wounded and injured among the Muslim.
Jordan Valley
In Rashash and Auja, activists accompanied shepherds, and in both places this presence prevented settlers’ harassment end military expulsion.
In Al Haididiya, settlers continue their take-over of Palestinian private lands, as they did last week, within the Firing Zone, and unhindered by the Army.
South Mt. Hebron
In Dirat, close to the main road, settlers set fire to a barn and sprayed “Revenge” slogans. Police let the Palestinian complainant wait nearly six hours before making time to hear his complaint, and then confiscated his security camera with the incriminating documentation. Ta’ayush activists came the next day and documented the damages. This kind of harassment, including damaging trees, fields, and crops, has become a daily routine throughout the Occupied Territories.
Severe distress this time of year due to acute lack of water, stemming partly from the increase of water delivery payments due to the Police arresting truck drivers and confiscating dozens of water trucks a couple of weeks ago.
Ta’ayush activists accompanied shepherds in Umm al Amed and Wadi Suweid on Saturday, undisturbed, but a few hours after they left, a settler from the new outpost of Susya arrived with his dog and expelled the shepherds from Wadi Sweid.