Sunday, August 18 2019 This Week (August 11-17) in South Mt. Hebron, East Jerusalem, and Jordan Valley

In the weekly demonstration in Sheikh Jarrah, Police assaulted an MK from the Joint List who flew a Palestinian flag and arrested his assistant brutally – Hebrew University faculty members participated in a tour of Issawiya, where Police, Border Patrol, and Special Units continue their daily assaults – In Auja and Rashash, in the Jordan Valley, the army once again is expelling Palestinian shepherds for no legal reason, and without a warrant – Settlers from a new outpost near Hemdat, north of Jordan Valley, car-chased activists who were documenting the outpost, risking their lives and threatening them.

East Jerusalem
Even during the holy Eid (holiday), Police, Border Patrol, and Special Units continued their daily raids on Issawiya. For over two months, residents have been suffering from roadblocks, disturbances, violence, intimidation, excessive fines, arrests, and grenades’ shooting in the narrow streets and into balconies. Almost everyday activists have been holding watches, which have an apparent restraining effect on Police. On Wednesday, August 14, neighboring Hebrew University faculty members toured the village, met residents and discussed possible ways they could help with stopping Police brutality.
In sheikh Jarrah Police assaulted, again, a person holding the Palestinian flag, who turned out to be an MK from the Joint List. When the MK refused to hand over the flag, claiming it was legal to hold it, Police attacked him and tried to arrest him. They also attacked his assistant and brutally arrested him.
South Mt. Hebron
On Sunday, August 11, international activists accompanied Palestinian shepherds in Wadi Sweid, after being expelled from their lands by settlers the evening before, Saturday. In spite of the activists’ presence, the settlers again expelled the Shepherds. On August 14, Border Patrol forces entered Tuba twice, at night and in the afternoon, searched and arrested two residents, who were later released on bail.
Jordan Valley
After some quiet weeks (relatively) in Auja and Rashash, there occurred a noticeable change for the worst as of Thursday, August 15, probably because the Army forces in the area changed. In both villages, Army has been expelling the Palestinian shepherds for no legal reason, and without a warrant.
In Auja, the soldiers pick un-accompanied shepherds, but they avoid harassing Palestinians when there are activists present.
Settlers of the new outpost near Rimonim settlement continue their robberies: on Monday, August 12, they took over a sheep pen belonging to Palestinians, filled it with their equipment, and on Friday they brought their flocks to graze on Palestinian owned lands.
In north Jordan Valley: residents of the new outpost near Hemdat have been terrorizing the local population and on Monday car-chased activists who came to document the outpost, risking the lives of the activists, cursing and threatening them.