Monday, August 26 2019 This Week (August 18-25) in South Mt. Hebron and East Jerusalem

In Issawiye, Police Forces chased an 8-year-old boy, on his way to the grocery, broke into his home and took multiple photos of the boy. On Friday, residents of Issawiye held protest prayers joint by Israeli and international activists, as well as three Knesset Members. Two days later, in the very early hours, Police arrested a leading Palestinian activist from Issawiye. Settlers from the new outpost of Susiya entered a house in the outskirts of neighboring Qawawis in the middle of the night and threatened its Palestinian inhabitants.
South Mt. Hebron
Settlers from the new outpost near Susiya are increasing their terrorizing activities: on Wednesday, August 21, settlers came to outskirts of Qawawis, made a racket, woke the entire household, and threatened them, demanding that the Palestinians stop using their (the Palestinians’) private land near Qawawis. On Saturday, August 24, soldiers tried to expel shepherds in Um al Amad from the area of the canyon, which Supreme Court ruling had allowed for grazing. Activists escorting the shepherds clarified the situation to the soldiers and enabled the continuation of the grazing.
East Jerusalem
The persistent harassment of the residents of Issawiya by Police continues. Every day and night, large forces enter the village, their cars blocking roads and traffic, closing off alleys, chasing kids, and disappearing. Police and Border Patrol shoot and throw stun grenades for no apparent reason, spreading terror in the streets and inside homes (on Monday, august 19, they threw stun grenades for no reason before they left the village, and on Wednesday a Border Patrolman threw a stun grenade at a car, shattering the rear window). Activists stayed in the village every evening, and their presence made the Police leave every time.
On Sunday, August 18, Forces chased an 8-year-old boy, panicked by their presence on his way to the grocers. The child ran back home, and Police broke into the house after him. Two Policemen caught him, and took many photos of the boy, at the presence of his mother and brother, then left the house. The father who works nearby hurried home, but a Policeman prevented him from entering the house. Apparently, the presence of activists and cameras shortened the length of the abuse.
On Monday, August 19, the leaders of the Joint List toured Issawiye.
On Friday many of the residents held protest prayers at the entry to the village, with the participation of three Knesset Members, and Israeli and international activists. The event was uninterrupted and relatively calm.
On Sunday, August 25, in the early hours of the morning, Police arrested a leading activist from Issawiye. The judge wanted to release him with conditions, but Police appealed to the regional court, which extended his arrest until Tuesday.