Saturday, September 7 2019 This Week (August 25 to September 1) in East Jerusalem, Jordan Valley and south Mt. Hebron

Severe Police brutality in Issawiye, including assaults on activists, photographers, and journalists. Border Patrol soldier shot directly at a driving car’s window, injuring the driver’s wife in the eyes and face from shattered glass. The activist Muhammad Abu Hummus was arrested and then kept under restraining order away from the village, under false accusations of incitement. Two members of the Parents Association in Issawiye were arrested following the announcement of the Association that they will not start the school year if Police raids continue, in fear for the children’s safety.

East Jerusalem
A tough week in Issawiye. Police forces increased their violent attacks, entered the village in large numbers, and made every effort to escalate matters. On Tuesday, August 27, large forces repeatedly blocked roads, paralyzed traffic, and caused confrontations. A border Patrol soldier fired directly at an Innocent bystander’s car, hitting the front window, injuring the women in the front seat in the face and eyes from flying glass, and causing shock to the little girl sitting in the back. An ambulance had difficulties entering through the waves of stun grenades’ salvo. Later, Border Police soldiers assaulted severely, for no reason, a boy sitting in front of his home. Police brutality this week was also aimed at activists on their watches, as well as journalists, and was reflected in less sympathetic Israeli media coverage.
Another aspect of Police brutality that raises concern is the arrest of social activists in the village. First, they arrested our friend Muhammad Abu Hummus charging him with incitement based on a Facebook video. Whoever watches the film can plainly see it had nothing to do with incitement. Still, Abu Hummus was held in custody for three nights and is now under restrainment order keeping him out of his home and Issawiye until mid-September. On Wednesday, August 28, two members of Issawiye’s Parents Association were arrested. The arrests occurred in retaliation for the Association’s announcement that they will not start the school year in the event Police continue their raids, in concern for the children’s safety. The court confirmed their arrest until Sunday, but Police released them already on Saturday.
At present, it seems Police intend to restrain their activity in the neighborhood in return for an orderly opening of the school year. At the request of the inhabitants of Issawiye, activists’ watches will be planned, but they will not enter the neighborhood unless the Police retract from the agreement.

Jordan Valley
In Uija and Rashash activists have been accompanying shepherds almost daily undisturbed, except for one time in Uija, on Monday, August 26, when Soldiers prevented grazing. This has been an improvement compared to recent weeks
On Saturday, August 30, settlers from the new outpost of Rimonim and their flocks entered, yet again, Palestinian planted fields.

South Mt. Hebron
Activists accompanied Palestinian Shepherds in Wadi Sweid and the lands of Qawawis near Mitzpeh Yair undisturbed. On the other hand, in Umm al Ammad, after several months of correct comportment, the Army expelled the shepherds from lands that the Supreme Court had ordered the state to allow use of by Palestinian sepherds.
In Umm al Kheir the Army demanded the removal of Palestinians flags decorating a wedding tent, threatening disruption of the ceremony if they were not removed. The inhabitants obeyed.
In Tuwani, the school year commenced, and the children of Tuba made their way to school with a military escort. The presence of Army in the mornings went OK, but the afternoon escort, on the children’s way back home, was almost always late by at least 30 minutes.