Thursday, October 17 2019 This Week (October 6-13, 2019) in South Mt. Hebron, Jordan Valley, and Jerusalem

East Jerusalem
Police harassment seems to have calmed down; therefore, there are no vigils for now.

South Mt. Hebron
Activists accompanied shepherds in Umm al Ammad, Wadi Sweid, and Qawawis, as well as continuing the work of removing debris of home demolitions in Halat al-Dabba.
On Thursday, Occupation Forces demolished five structures near Deqeiqeh, two of which housed twelve persons.

Jordan Valley
Activists accompanied shepherds in south Jordan Valley, in Auja. The grazing was not disturbed.
On Monday, October 7, settlers called the military to handle Palestinian workers who were cleaning a water-well near Samara. Lacking any reason to arrest the Palestinian workers, the soldiers, in a fit of inspiration and creativity, accused the workers of stealing antiques, and detained them. The detainees were taken to the military camp nearby. Police refused to take them in without any evidence of illegal activity, so they were released after a few hours. However, this short spate of time allowed the settlers to steal the building materials and tools the workers had left near the water well upon their arrest.