Tuesday, October 22 2019 Come and meet Ta’ayush activity in the South Hebron hills!

Monday, November 4th, 8pm
Imbala, Yanai St. 3, Jerusalem
On Friday, November 15th, we will have a day out in the South Hebron hills for those of you who are interested in joining our group. Further details will be given at the Jerusalem meeting.

A group of activists gathers every Saturday to accompany Palestinian farmers in the South Hebron hills.
Our presence means help to shepherds in reaching grazing grounds with their herds, and farmers in working their land – a land that is relentlessly robbed by settlements and new outposts, with active help from the army and state financing.
Our way is that of non-violent, direct action against the Occupation. Our presence out in the field is significant, our documentation essential, and no less important are the friendships we have formed with our Palestinian partners.

Interested in learning more about our activity? Please join us for an introductory meeting where we’ll talk about the current situation in the West bank, our work in the field and the challenges we face – as well as the joys of working together.