Sunday, October 27 2019 Taayush: Weekly Report, October 20-26, 2019

In retaliation to the on-going construction of the illegal outpost near Hamma, on Saturday, Palestinian, Israeli, and international activists came to the spot to protest. As they were about to leave, a military force attacked them with tear gas and stun grenades, arrested many with no cause, confiscated cameras, phones, and buses/ Construction work on the illegal outpost near Susiya continued with no interruptions from the forces of law/ Special Forces and Border Patrol returned to harass Issawiye and detained 6-7-year-old boy in a grocery store – therefore, the vigils of activists are renewed./ Security Officer in the settlement Yitzhar stopped the olive harvest in Burin, followed by Army forces issuing closed military zone order.

On Sunday and Monday, (October 21-22) activists participated in the olive harvest at Burin. On Sunday, the harvest went uninterrupted, but the next day, after a few hours of quiet harvest, the Security Officer of Yitzhar arrived at the olive groves, followed by military forces. After an hour, the army issued a closed military zone order, meant to “prevent friction.”

Jordan Valley
In the north of the valley, construction work in the illegal outpost near Hamma continued. Phone calls to the authorities have been causing the work to stop for a few hours, and then it goes o unhindered. On Saturday, October 26, there was a non-violent demonstration of Palestinian, Israeli, and international activists in the place. Military forces arrived after the end of the protest when the activists were heading back to their cars. Still, soldiers threw at them tear gas and stun grenades, and detained without any cause dozens of the activists, including press photographers, confiscated phones, cameras, and some of the buses that drove the activists. All the detainees were released that night, except for one Palestinian.
That same Saturday, October 26, activists from “Combatants for Peace” led an action of cleaning water wells in Hadidiya.
Activists also accompanied shepherds in Hadidiya, Auja, and Rashash – all went calmly and with no interruption.

South Mt. Hebron
Activists accompanied shepherds in Umm al Ammad, Wadi Sweid, Qawawis, and Attariye. The grazing went un-hindered, but Palestinian shepherds reported continuous threats from settlers during the week, aimed to stop them from crossing the access road to Mitzpeh Ya’ir.
The new illegal outpost near Susiya was undergoing heavy construction and enlargement, without any intervention from law enforcement forces, who only recently demolished dozens of Palestinian structures in the area.
On Saturday, activists participated in the olive harvest in Wadi Sweid and removing demolition debris in Hallat a-Dabba.

This week, police renewed its harassment, entering large units of Special Forces and Border Police into the neighborhood, causing friction with the inhabitants. On Wednesday, October 23, we observed, yet again, as Special Forces and Border Patrol randomly detained a boy, 6-7 years old, and took him and his father to be interrogated, even though we stressed that the minor was underage, and his arrest was illegal.
Following these events, activist vigils will be renewed this week, and activists will remain present in the neighborhood.