Friday, November 22 2019 This Week (November 17-21) in Issawiye, Jordan Valley, and South Mt. Hebron

Mass arrest at ‘Issawiya at night: all 14 persons arrested – mostly minors – were released without indictments; police violence in this neighborhood was resumed on Thursday, among other things opposite the schools and near the mosque; on Saturday a protest demonstration took place again opposite the home of Jerusalem’s mayor, demanding to cease harassing the neighborhood; “The Angels of Peace” and their settler-colonist buddies assault shepherds and their flocks at Rashash every single day, on horseback, raising a racket with loudspeakers, and attacking peace activists as well; renewed invasions into privately-owned Palestinian lands by settler-colonists of the outposts close to Palestinian Susya and Wadi Swayd; home demolitions at En Samiya and Khalat A-Dhab’a


The week began with a mass arrest of 14 inhabitants, most of them minors, with the claim that they had thrown stones. All persons arrested were released later in the week without any charges being pressed against them. The police then lessened its harassment of the neighborhood and the daily activist presence-vigils in situ were calm. However, on Thursday, November 21, the police resumed its violence: Israeli special police and Border Police entered the school-house area at 7:50 a.m., precisely when the schoolchildren arrive for their day of studies. The next day, Friday, special police and Border Police forces situated themselves opposite the mosque during prayers. Later that day, beginning at 5 p.m., added massive forces of special police and Border Police entered the neighborhood as foot patrols, fear-mongering and blocking traffic. The forces entered again at night, when violent confrontations evolved with the inhabitants.

On Saturday night another protest demonstration was held opposite the home of Jerusalem’s mayor, demanding he bear responsibility for the goings-on in ‘Issawiya, and instruct the police to cease its terrorizing campaign in this neighborhood.

The Palestinian Jordan Valley and the West Bank Hill Range

At Rashash, on the West Bank hill range, the violence exerted by Jewish settler-colonists with the endorsement and support of the Israeli army has become a menacing daily routine. Every single day this week, peace activists arrived to accompany the shepherds to their grazing ground, and every single day except Monday, settler-colonists came equipped with their loudspeakers, some on horseback, went wild and tried to chase away the Palestinian shepherds. On Wednesday they also assaulted a peace activist, and on Thursday trampled an activist with their horse. The Israeli army and police troops that follow do not do a thing to stop this rampage and detain the assailants. They do however chase away activists and shepherds from their grazing grounds.

Not far from there, at En Samiya, on Tuesday November 19, the occupation forces demolished 4 structures belonging to the local Palestinian shepherd community, one of them a home. It was also reported that on November 22, at night, the same night on which Jewish settler-colonists entered 4 Palestinian villages, set 10 cars on fire and sabotaged dozens of others – settler-colonists from outposts close to the settler-colony Kochav Ha-Shachar came to a nursery at En Samiya and stole over 100 plants.

In the northern Palestinian Jordan Valley this week activists accompanied Palestinian shepherds around Makhoul, and tried to document the goings-on at the new outpost erected inside the ‘firing zone’ west of settler-colony Maskiyot. Settler-colonists at the site prevented their access and endangered the volunteers’ lives on the way going up to the outpost, and the policemen summoned did not manage to calm them down.

South Hebron Hills

On Thursday, November 21, occupation forces demolished another home at Khalat A-Dhaba.

On Friday Jewish settler-colonists with their dog chased away a shepherd grazing his flock at Wadi Swayd. On Saturday activists accompanied the same shepherd to the same grazing ground and this was carried out quietly and successfully, as did shepherd accompaniment at Umm Al Imad.

On Saturday, activists documented fresh farming invasion of privately-owned Palesitnian land south-west of the settler-colonist outpost Mitzpe Yair. Apparently, this week a water pipe was laid supplying water from the irrigation system of the outpost’s vineyard to the new plot of land which they invaded. Activists also documented developments at the new outpost near Susya this week: there are already three solid structures in addition to several shacks, new tracks have been opened and freshly planted trees on Palestinian lands.