Saturday, November 30 2019 This Week (November, 24-30) in Jerusalem, Jordan Valley, and South Mt. Hebron

During a vigil of “Women in Black” in Jerusalem’s center an activist was attacked and suffered a head injury / Collaboration between settlers and IDF brought about the expulsion of Palestinian shepherds from Rashash and Wadi Sweid / Protests in West Jerusalem in an attempt to stop the continuous harassment of Police forces in Issawiye

צילום: Free Jerusalem

Political right-wing incitement has proven effective: on Friday (November 29), during the weekly vigil of “women in Black” in Jerusalem, an activist was attacked in broad daylight. The attacker slammed her to the road, and she injured her head and needed medical care. The attacker escaped.

Another activist was attacked by a settler on Saturday while escorting shepherds in the vicinity of the new illegal outpost near Hemdat in the northern Jordan Valley. A complaint was filed with the Police on both accounts.

In Rashash, on Sunday and Monday, settlers from the adjacent outpost continue their harassments and attempt to expel the herds. Soldiers, as usual, arrived too late and completed the expulsion. On Tuesday (November 26), the Commander of the region came, explained he wants nothing but to keep the calm, politely listened to the complaints of the shepherds, and, finally, adopted the borders of the region fixed by the settlers. Since he listened attentively to the shepherds’ reservations and promised to look into it in the coming days, the shepherds have been limiting themselves to the area delineated by him.

In Issawiye, activists have been holding vigils throughout the week. It was relatively calm, except for Monday (November 25), when large forces of Border Patrol and Special Forces entered the neighborhood, returning to the usual pattern of intimidation and disruption of life in the village, intentionally causing friction with the residents. On Friday (November 29) Police forces returned to the square in front of the Mosque throughout Friday prayers, causing massive traffic jams just when residents return home. Large forces entered and disrupted life on Saturday as well.

During the week, there were activities in West Jerusalem, aiming to increase awareness of what was happening in the neighborhood. On Tuesday, an exhibition of photographs taken by activists documenting the events in the “Hapundak” club. The opening included a panel with participants from Issawiye. The event drew a large crowd. On Thursday, during the meeting of the city council, activists sitting in raised posters calling upon the municipality of Jerusalem to take responsibility for the abuse of its residents by the Police. Even though the activists were removed from the hall, council members had to address the issue. On Saturday night, there was another demonstration in front of the Mayor’s home, demanding he intervenes and acts to stop Police abuse of residents. Policemen on the spot chose to hinder the right of the demonstrators to protest and arrested five of them. The detainees were released later that night.

In South Mt. Hebron, a settler and his dog expelled on Friday (November 29) Palestinian shepherds in the area of Wadi Sweid. On Saturday, it was IDF forces and the DCO that prevented grazing in the area, even after an activist accompanying the shepherds showed them a letter signed by the Legal Adviser of Ja”S, confirming the right of the shepherds to graze there without coordination. Shepherd escort in nearby Attariye went un-hindered