Wednesday, January 1 2020 Weekly Report from South Mt. Hebron, Jordan Valley, and Jerusalem (December 22-29)

House demolitions in Issawiyeh and Ras al Ammud, Jerusalem, in Ras al Ahmar and Hirbet Tanna, Jordan Valley, and in Awwin and Marayyer al Abid, South Mt. Hebron; Settlers were cultivating WAKF land near Havat Omer; Settlers expanded the range of shepherds’ expulsion around Rashash, while military and police failed to act.

East Jerusalem
On Monday and Tuesday this week, significant forces of Border Patrol and Special Units entered Issawiyeh and caused violent clashes with residents. On Tuesday (December 12), authorities accrued harassment of East Jerusalem residents by demolishing two homes, one in Issawiyeh and one in the neighborhood of Ras al Amud. Activists’ patrols reported relative calm in the rest of the days.

Jordan Valley
In Rashash activists accompanied shepherds on Sunday and Tuesday (December 22 and 24) without hindrance. Towards the weekend, shepherds reported that settlers are expelling them even from areas very remote from their community, beyond the edge of the place they used to be allowed into beforehand. On Sunday, December 29, activists accompanied shepherds, and settlers arrived, on both a vehicle and a horse, and expelled the shepherds. Military and police forces from the area that were called in failed to come.
In Auja, settlers began cultivating lands owned by the Islamic WAKF near Havat Omer. The work previously begun by the Palestinians on WAKF lands in area A has since been disrupted due to constant damage to equipment.
In Hadidiya, north of Jordan Valley, settlers invaded privately-owned Palestinian lands. Activists made phone calls to the police, and the work has stopped.
On Monday, December 23, Occupation Forces demolished a home and three animal pens in Hirbet Tana, and two homes and one pen in Ras al Ahmar, including confiscation of family property and machinery. B’tselem photographer who tried to document the demolitions was arrested, and his vehicle was impounded. The photographer was released after a few hours.
The following day, military forces impounded a tractor in Ein el Hilweh.
On Wednesday, activists accompanied shepherds in the area of Pharsiyeh with no disturbances.

South Mt. Hebron
On Tuesday (December 24) occupation forces demolished a home in Rawein and another home in Mrayyar al Abid.
In Tuwane, IDF forces have been threatening international activists who accompany school children and prevented them from arriving at the meeting point with the military accompaniment. ON Tuesday, Taayush activists joined the accompaniment and made it clear to the soldiers that there is no legal basis to preventing activists, be they Palestinian, international, or Israeli, from joining the children up to the meeting point with the army.
On Saturday (December 28), activists joined maintenance work of drainage basins of five water wells in the area of Susya.