Sunday, January 12 2020 This week (January 5-11, 2020) in the South Hebron Hills, Jerusalem and the Palestinian Jordan Valley

Joint activity with Palestinian inhabitants at En Al Beida, the South Hebron Hills, Saturday January 11, 2020

Five Palestinian activists from Issawiya refused to comply with the administrative nocturnal house arrest order imposed on them and they are in custody without a prospective court date; protest tour by the neighborhood residents and over one-hundred Israelis was held in Issawiya on Friday; at Rashash (in the Palestinian Jordan Valley) Palestinian shepherds are still expelled by the settler-colonists of an illegal settler-colonist outpost, and activists have been attacked; the occupation forces demolished eight buildings in Auja, in the southern Palestinian Jordan Valley; settler-colonists of Havat Maon went wild at Tawane village in the South Hebron Hills, attacked an Israeli activist and let their dog loose at a Palestinian activist

Earlier in the week the Israeli police arrested activists that openly defied the order issued by the commander of the Homeland Front imposing nocturnal house arrest on them by force of “emergency regulations”. Five of the arrestees contest the authority of the Israeli military to restrict their freedom, and have refused to pay bail and accept the house arrest decree, so they have been arrested until the end of proceedings. So far no court date has been designated to begin reviewing their case as “violating a legal order”. Ever since, the police has focused on nocturnal patrols in the neighborhood and harassing the families of those who have received the order and stayed home, as well as the families of activists who have refused to accept the military occupier’s rule and are in custody.
On Friday, January 10, a protest tour of Issawiya has taken place with the Palestinian residents and over one-hundred Israelis who came to support their struggle.

Palestinian Jordan Valley and the West Bank hill ranges
At Rashash the Jewish settler-colonists are taking advantage of the Israeli army and police intentionally looking away as they chase Palestinian shepherds from grazing grounds further and further away from the illegal settler-colonist outpost (situated inside an army base), and attack activists in broad daylight and in front of cameras. On Monday shepherds and activists accompanying them were chased away, and on Tuesday, during such a chase, three activists were attacked by a settler-colonist. A complaint was lodged with the Israeli police.
At Auja, in the southern Palestinian Jordan Valley, activists accompanied shepherds on Monday and Tuesday this week and the grazing proceeded unhampered. On Monday, January 6, the Israeli occupation forces demolished 8 buildings in western Auja, four of which served as dwellings.
In the northern Palestinian Jordan Valley, activists accompanied shepherds to their grazing grounds around Khalat Makhoul on Tuesday, unhampered.
On Friday settler-colonists were reported to have tried to chase away shepherds around En Hilwa.

South Hebron Hills
On Saturday, January 10, work proceeded restoring the spring at En Al Beida, after settler-colonists of the Avigail outpost last week vandalized terraces built there by the activists last Friday.
At Tawane, settler-colonists from Havat Maon went wild trying to confront the Palestinian inhabitants. Two of the settler-colonists drove their mini tractor and motorcycle wildly along the village streets, and two other settler-colonists with dogs went forth to provoke Palestinians in the Sarura and Haruba area. Although the Palestinians refrained from responding to the curses and threats, the settler-colonists set their dog against a Palestinian activist, and later on attacked an Israeli activist. The activists were not hurt. A complaint was lodged with the police at the beginning of the incident; policemen arrived at the scene long after it was over.