Friday, January 17 2020 January 14, 2020. Al-‘Auja

Text: David Shulman
hings are hard there. Daily attacks by the settlers on the shepherds, the herds, and on us. Arik was called in for questioning—this was the settlers’ doing, of course—and after interrogation the police ordered him to stay away from Rashshash for two weeks. He refused to sign, so they arrested him, kept him for hours in the cell at the police station, then transferred him to the freezing inferno of the Russian Compound in Jerusalem. In chains, of course. During intake there, they did a routine EKG and told him he was about to have a heart attack. So he was taken, still chained, to the hospital, a vast improvement over the Russian Compound, and there were tests through the night, which were fine, then back to the frozen cell with its right-wing fanatical criminals who could have killed him, so he had to sleep, he says, with one eye open, and in the morning he was brought before a judge who threw out the two-week exile but ordered Arik to stay 20 meters away from the young settler thug who has been attacking him….
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