Sunday, January 19 2020 This week (January 12-18, 2020) in the Occupied Territories

A delegation of heads of European Union missions toured Issawiya and publicized an official demand that Israel keep its obligations to the occupied Palestinian population; protest and support vigil for Issawiya residents in custody and for Jonathan Pollak took place opposite the Jerusalem Magistrate Court; the Israeli army’s Central Command general came in person to expel a Palestinian flock of sheep out of Al Auja grazing grounds near the illegal settler-colonist outpost Havat Omer; Jewish settler-colonists pepper-sprayed an activist at Rashash, on the West Bank hill range

East Jerusalem
At Issawiya a certain measure of calm has been noted in Israeli police activity in the evening hours. Late night, forces of the Border Police and Special Police still enter the neighborhood, issuing orders to report for questioning and checking the presence at home of people under house arrest. At least once Border Police forces entered the neighborhood when school was out and placed themselves around the school buildings.
On Monday, January 13, a delegation of heads of European Union missions came to tour the neighborhood and eventually publicized an official demand of the Israeli authorities to fulfil their obligations to the Palestinians under occupation (for the official statement, read here).
On Wednesday, activists from Issawiya along with Israeli activists participated in a protest vigil opposite the Jerusalem Magistrate Court in support of neighborhood residents in custody and the Israeli activist Jonathan Pollak. Right-wing activists donned in Israeli flags harassed the vigil participants with shouts, curses and threats.

The Palestinian Jordan Valley and West Bank hill range
At Rashash, on the hill range, settler-colonists no longer make do with expelling Palestinian shepherds. This week they also pepper sprayed an activist and caused his loss of eyesight for several minutes. Police and medics summoned to the spot did not bother to arrive.
A complaint has been lodged with the police.
At Auja shepherds were accompanied by activists most of the week. Earlier on grazing went unhampered, but on Thursday army forces arrived and expelled the shepherds without any authorization or official order. On Friday, army general heading the Central Command came from Havat Omer himself to expel the flocks. After concluding this action in service of the illegal outpost settler-colonist, he went out of his way and violently pushed a Taayush activist who was accompanying the shepherds.

South Hebron Hills
On Thursday, January 16, the Israeli occupation forces demolished a home in Rifa’iya, and foundations of another building at Birin.