Sunday, January 26 2020 This Week (January 19-25 2020) in Issawiya, the Palestinian Jordan Valley and the South Hebron Hills

A relatively quiet week, stormy weather

photo: Vehicles belonging to the security official of Otniel and the army lie in wait for Palestinian shepherds in the ravine.

Palestinian Jordan Valley and the hill range of the eastern West Bank
Because of the rains, Palestinian shepherds did not hurry to take their flocks out to graze. However, on Wednesday and Thursday they did take the livestock out at Auja, accompanied by activists. On Thursday Israeli soldiers attempted to prevent this – and left the area after activists wished to see an order forbidding the Palestinians to graze there.
That same day, January 23 2020, a settler-colonist attack against a Palestinian shepherd was reported taking place at the illegal outpost near Al Hame in the northern Palestinian Jordan Valley.
At Samara activists accompanied shepherds to pasture on Friday without any special events, but the shepherds reported that when they come to the same spot unaccompanied by activists, the army chases them away.

A certain measure of recent moderation has been noted in this neighborhood in the police harassment and at the request of the inhabitants. So for the time being, activist presence has been halted.

South Hebron Hills
On Saturday, January 25, activists accompanied Palestinian shepherds to a peaceful grazing at Um Al Imad. Israeli soldiers tried to prevent grazing in an area where the Palestinian shepherds have all the right to be, and this right has been acknowledged by the Israeli Supreme Court. The soldiers threatened to settle accounts with the shepherds in the future, and cursed activists both men and women, among other ways by verbal sexual allusions.