Sunday, February 9 2020 This week – February 2-8, 2020 – in the Occupied Territories

The Jewish settler-colonist militias invaded the Palestinian community of Aqaba in the northern Palestinian Jordan Valley in search of cows – a frightened child ran away from them and was found only two hours later; at the Umm Zuka nature reserve settler-colonists arrested three Palestinians and released them later on Road 90; in Bil’in a procession was held to mark the 15th anniversary of protest demonstrations against the Separation Fence erected on the village lands;
Herds grazing around Auja, Palestinian Jordan Valley

Palestinian Jordan Valley
Israeli activists accompanied Palestinian shepherds to their grazing grounds around Auja most of the passing week. On Sunday through Tuesday, soldiers were present, limiting these grounds somewhat, but enabling the grazing to proceed. However, on Wednesday and Thursday the army chased away the shepherds by means of a daily ‘closed military zone’ order.
In the northern region of the Palestinian Jordan Valley, settler-colonist militias are conducting arrests on their own behalf, and night incursions against Palestinian villages. On Monday night they invaded the Aqaba community searching cows of a new flock which they had brought a day earlier to the area surrounding Tyassir Checkpoint. A Palestinian child was frightened and ran away and was only found two hours later. On Friday, February 7, at Umm Zuka nature reserve, settler-colonists apparently from Hemdat arrested three Palestinians and later released them on Road 90.
The same day, a settler-colonist of the Umm Zuka outpost tried to chase away Palestinian shepherds from Samara who arrived at their grazing ground accompanied by activists. The shepherds and activists remained in place. On their way back from pasture they ran into army personnel who claimed they were not allowed there. The activists, however, insisted that the site was allowed for pasture, and the woman-commander of the unit checked this with her superiors and they verified what the activists had said.
Shepherd accompaniments also took place on Monday and Thursday around En Al Hilwa and went unhampered. The two shepherds who had been arrested there last week on false charges made by the settler-colonists were released from custody on Wednesday, February 5.

In the South Hebron Hills the weather did not enable activity, and on Saturday the activists made do with visits to the different communities.

At Bil’in a procession took place marking the 15th anniversary of protest demonstrations against the Separation Fence erected on village lands and landgrab under Israeli occupation. During this procession tires were burnt, and the Israeli army fired teargas in retaliation.