Sunday, March 8 2020 Taayush report, March 1-7, 2020 – the Occupied Territories

Jerusalem district police sabotages contacts between Issawiya neighborhood residents and the Jerusalem Municipality – police is running violent havoc again in schools, streets and homes of the neighborhood;
Jewish settler-colonists, their dogs, and the Israeli army have been chasing Palestinian shepherds out of their own grazing grounds in the Palestinian Jordan Valley; the occupation forces have demolished a track that led to Palestinian villages caught inside Firing Zone 918 in the South Hebron Hills;

photo: An Israeli bulldozer demolishing the track to villages caught inside firing zone 918 in the South Hebron Hills

East Jerusalem
In recent weeks, contacts have taken place between residents of the Issawiya neighborhood and the city municipality in the hope that many years of official harassment of the neighborhood will be replaced with positive processes that will enable a safer and fairer life for its inhabitants. However, the Jerusalem District Police has been sabotaging such contacts and aims to preserve the regime of terrorizing and brutalizing the residents.
During the past week, a Border Policeman fired a sponge projectile at a 16-year old boy inside the school yard, and another projectile was fired at a 10-year old boy who was in his home balcony.
On Saturday, March 7, large police forces, Border Police and Special police forces entered the neighborhood in the afternoon, blocked the entrances to the area, held a checkpost in the center of the neighborhood and made vast use of sponge and teargas projectiles inside populated areas. In the evening hours Israeli activists were summoned once again to hold presence vigils in the neighborhood. Ten minutes after the activists faced the police and began documenting its activity, the forces left.

South Hebron Hills
On Tuesday, March 3, occupation forces demolished a track that had connected Umm Al Arais to Palestinian villages inside Firing Zone 918. Several bulldozers worked there for many hours to make sure that damage will be thorough enough.
On Saturday, activists accompanied shepherds from Umm Al Amad and at Umm Al Arais.

The Palestinian Jordan Valley
Settler-colonists and the Israeli army troops they command have continued chasing Palestinian shepherds away from grazing ground where there is no legal reason to do so.
This week, on Sunday and Friday, activists documented settler-colonists chasing Nu’eima shepherds away from grazing grounds near the settler-colony of Mevo’ot Jericho. In the same area, at Auja, shepherd accompaniment took place on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Saturday. The latter took place unhampered. However, on Tuesday and Wednesday Israeli army troops chased the shepherds away. On Wednesday, prior to the army arriving, right-wing activists came and they were the ones to summon the soldiers.
On Sunday, activists in Farisiya, northern Palestinian Jordan Valley, documented settler-colonists and their dogs aided by the Israeli army chasing away Palestinian shepherds. On Saturday shepherds from Samara reported that they too were chased by the army away from approved grazing grounds around Umm Zuka. Activists accompanying shepherds from En Al Hilwa that day reported that the Maskiyot settler-colony security official sent army troops there, but these only forced the shepherds to keep their distance from the settler-colony fence. Earlier, on Wednesday and Friday, activists accompanied shepherds from En Al Hilwa unhampered. Around Al Hamme, shepherd accompaniment on Monday took place unhampered as well.