Sunday, May 24 2020 Taayush, this week – May 17-23, 2020 – in the Occupied Territories

Spring grazing around Auja and on the West Bank hill range is now possible only with the accompaniment by Israeli activists – in their absence, the Jewish settler-colonists chase away Palestinian shepherds with their flocks entering sown fields and damaging crops and olive trees; the Israeli occupation authorities have issued eviction and demolition to shepherd communities around the Tayibe Junction; for some weeks now settler-colonists of Mitzpe Yair have been invading Palestinian-owned sown fields and have destroyed most of the crops; a lull at the Issawiya neighborhood of East Jerusalem, after on Sunday large units entered it and destroyed an agricultural structure;

This week a certain lull has been felt in the police’s activity in the neighborhood, but on Sunday, May 17, numerous troops entered and destroyed an agricultural structure.
In the beginning of the week, B’Tselem published a comprehensive report about the goings-on in Issawiya:

The Palestinian Jordan Valley and the West Bank hill range
Around Auja in the southern Palestinian Jordan Valley Palestinian grazing is possible only in the presence of Israeli activists. According to the shepherds’ report, when the activists are absent, the settler-colonists arrive. On days when the activists are there, grazing proceeds unhampered.
Around the Tayibe Junction on the West Bank hill range, activists accompanied shepherds this week twice a day, morning and afternoon. Grazing was mostly unhampered, and the settler-colonists grazed their flocks nearby but did not approach. However, in both cases, during the afternoon hours on Sunday and Tuesday, the settler-colonist drove his flock intentionally to the area where the Palestinians grazed, and entered their sown fields and olive tree groves. Although the Israeli army and police were immediately notified and announced that they were on their way there, they did not arrive. The occupation forces were more efficient handing out eviction and demolition orders to the shepherd communities in the region, and according to the Palestinians even went to the communities themselves to try and convince them that the Israeli activists were the source of all their troubles. A report of a similar visit also came from the shepherds of the Rashash area.
The accompaniment of Palestinian shepherds in both ares, the West Bank hill range, and Auja, involves a great number of activists, and we need more people in the coming weeks.
To join, please contact Arik: 050-5607034

The South Hebron Hills
Around Umm Al Ara’is, settler-colonists from the violent outpost of Mitzpe Yair continue to graze their flocks in the privately-owned Palestinian fields and have already destroyed most of the crops. Despite repeated complaints of the landowner to the police and Civil Administration, these invasions have been ongoing for weeks without any interference by the forces that are supposed to enforce the law.
In the South Hebron Hills area, too, we intend to increase our activity towards next weekend.