Sunday, June 28 2020 This week – June 21-27, 2020 – in the Occupied Territories

This week the occupation forces were demolishing and confiscating Palestinian property in the South Hebron Hills; About 200 Palestinians and Israelis demonstrated together at the Jericho entrance junction on Saturday, protesting the annexation – an additional protest demonstration in the northern Palestinian Jordan Valley was thwarted by the Israeli army; In the Issawiya neighborhood of East Jerusalem about 200 Israelies and Palestinians demonstrated in protest on the anniversary of the killing of a Palestinian local resident by the Israeli police, and against police brutality exerted on Issawiya for over a year now – during the previous night the police arrested 15 youngsters, most of them from the killed youth’s family;

Demonstration in Issawiya protesting police brutality, June 26, 2020
Photo: Sharona Weiss, ActiveStills

South Hebron Hills
While the re-surging Corona-virus moved the Palestinian Authority to declare inner lockdowns in the South Hebron Hills, the Israeli occupation forces dedicated their time this week to confiscate property of local Palestinians. On Monday they vandalized a water pipe near the entrance to A-Tawane village and confiscated it, on Wednesday they demolished an agricultural structure near the southern entrance to Hebron, confiscated a caravan at Zif village, and from there moved on to Khirbet Tawamin near Susya, confiscating manual equipment and some construction materials.

To join Ta’ayush in The South Hebron Hills this Saturday call 055-2770168
Please make an effort to register no later than Thursday evening, so we can organize the transportation and the activity properly. Unfortunately, we will not be able to guarantee registration afterwards.
Please bring an ID/passport, a hat, water and food for the day.
It is advised to take into consideration cultural differences in the choice of clothing.

The Palestinian Jordan Valley and West Bank hill range
At Auja, in the southern Palestinian Jordan Valley, this week emphasized the distinction between Israeli soldiers who expel Palestinian shepherds from their grazing ground without any authority, just to do the bidding of the Jewish settler-colonist from the nearby outpost of Havat Omer, and Israeli soldiers who carry out the law and enable the Palestinians to graze. Israeli activists accompanied the shepherds from Sunday to Thursday this week. Soldiers chased away shepherds without showing official orders to do so on Sunday, Tuesday and Wednesday; On the other hand, last Monday and Thursday grazing went unhampered. On Sunday, June 28, a woman-soldier who – when asked by activists to show her orders – called up “Omer” in the nearby settler-colonist outpost, and asking him to forward her an order and maps.
On Saturday, June 27, 200 Palestinians and Israelis demonstrated at the entrance junction to Jericho in the southern Palestinian Jordan Valley, protesting the annexation plans. This action was initiated by the Combatants for Peace movement, Zazim, the Bereaved Families Forum, Breaking the Silence, and other organizations. The Palestinian Authority joined the call to demonstrate.
The demonstrators kneeled in front of the Israeli soldiers and police in solidarity with police brutality victims the world over. They held up photos of George Floyd and Iyad Al Halak.
Towards the end of the demonstration the police arrested a Palestinian protestor claiming he was not wearing a mask… During his arrest policemen forced away journalists who were documenting the arrest.
On the same day, June 27, the Israeli army prevented protestors from getting to their rally against the annexation planned to take place in Bardala village in the northern Palestinian Jordan Valley. Barriers were put up on tracks leading to this village, and only its inhabitants who could prove they live there were allowed through.
On Wednesday, June 24, the occupation forces uprooted dozens of old olive trees in this area.
On Monday, June 22, too, the Israeli army placed barriers in order to prevent Palestinians from going to a protest rally against the occupation planned in Jericho, officially inside Area A.
Accompaniment of Palestinian shepherds to grazing grounds in both areas, West Bank Hill range and the Auja area, involves a great number of activists, and many more are needed during the next few weeks.
To join, please contact Arik: 050-5607034

East Jerusalem
In the Issawiya neighborhood, on Friday about 200 Palestinian and Israeli activists held a demonstration marking the year’s anniversary of the killing of a local resident by the Israeli police and in protest of police brutality running wild in the neighborhood on a daily basis for over a year now. Towards the anniversary, the police arrested 15 of the residents, most of them family members of the police’s victim, in order to prevent them from holding commemoration events for him.
The weekly protest in Sheikh Jarrah continues to take place every Friday, adhering to emergency procedures. The residents of Sheikh are protesting their violent evictions from their homes, the taking over of the neighborhood by the settlers, and the Judaization of East Jerusalem. They call upon each and every person who supports their struggle to join them
We will meet at the Sheikh Jarrah Garden, Nablus Road and Dahlmann St. at at 4 p.m