Sunday, August 16 2020 This week – August 9-15, 2020 – in the Occupied Territories

Settler-colonists burnet dozens of dunams of olive tree groves, uprooted olive trees, incinerated a tractor, threw stones and sabotaged vehicles in the Nablus and Tul Karm districts; the Israeli army, police and occupation administration continue to demolishe homes and confiscate equipment and property in the South Hebron Hills and in East Jerusalem, and this week uprooted about 100 olive trees in Wadi Reehil south of Bethlehem; an armed settler-colonist and masked settler-colonists from new outposts tried to chase away Palestinian shepherds in Wadi Swayd and Umm Zaitouna; activists joined the weekly protest prayer at Hares village in the Salfit district and to a farmer from Deir Istiya village who was clearing his land from the remains of the ‘dipping pool’ left by the settler-colonists of nearby Yakir; more fines imposed on Palestinians under Corona guise; a Supreme Court session on the petition placed by Palestinian inhabitants of an area defined as Firing Zone 918.

South Hebron Hills
Settler-colonists continue to chase Palestinian shepherds from their grazing grounds in the area. On Monday, August 10, an armed settler-colonist from the new outpost of settler-colony Susya tried to chase away a shepherd from Wadi Swayd, and on Thursday, a group of masked settler-colonists from the new outpost at Umm Zaitouna chased flocks belonging to Palestinian shepherds of Touba. On Saturday, activists accompanied shepherds in this area, settler-colonists summoned the army, but the soldiers stood far away and observed the shepherds for about half an hour, and then left, and the grazing concluded unhampered.
On Monday night, large forces of army, police and Border Police came to Umm Al Kheir to arrest an elderly Palestinian who took part in the local protest last week. He was arrested and taken for questioning inside the nearby settler-colony of Carmel, after which he was released, but according to him, prior to the questioning and after being shackled, he was beaten up by Israeli policewomen.
On Tuesday, August 11, army and Civil Administration personnel came to Palestinian Susya, demolished a teen and confiscated construction materials, work tools and an electrical concrete blender. A cessation of work order was issued for a new structure. The occupation forces continued to Mufaqara, where the Palestinian inhabitants had managed to remove a tent beforehand. From there, they continued to Mughayer Al Abid, confiscate a tent, reached Fakheet and confiscated a tent there too.
It was reported that on the same day the occupation forces uprooted about 100 adult olive trees in Wadi Reehil south of Bethlehem, probably as part of the preparations for the expansion of the settler-colony of Efrat.
On Monday the Israeli Supreme Court held a session on the petition placed by inhabitants of Massafer Yatta to prevent the Israeli army from removing them from an area defined as Firing Zone 918. At the end of the session, the court instructed the Palestinians to offer a plan that would enable the army to hold maneuvers on the ground. The sides have to notify the court within 60 day whether the plan serves as a basis for negotiations that could bear results. If not, a ruling will be issued that imposes such an arrangement.
This week Israeli police began to harass the inhabitants of the South Hebron Hills regarding public health instructions as well. On Sunday, August 9, a young man walking in the open alongside the road in Umm Al Kheir was fined for not wearing a surgical mask, and on Wednesday, a police checkpoint, a driver riding his car along in the same area was fined for the same felony.
To join Ta’ayush in The South Hebron Hills this Saturday call 055-2770168

Salfit District
The demonstration at Hares village continue protesting the uprooting of a villager’s olive tree rove. This week the Israeli army came earlier and blocked the entrance to the village. The Israeli activists bypassed the barrier and entered through one of the village’s side tracks. The Friday noon prayer took place in front of the soldiers at the blocked entrance to the village and proceeded unhampered.
On Saturday, August 15, several activists accompanied a farmer from the nearby village of Deir Istiya. Several weeks ago, as a result of pressure and numerous complaints, the Civil Administration demolished a ‘dipping pool’ that Yakir settler-colonists had installed in land that belongs to the farmer. On Saturday he came there, accompanied by other villagers and Israeli activists in order to remove construction materials left there by the settler-colonists. This event too took place without incident, although the site is adjacent to the settler-colony, and on similar former occasions settler-colonists confronted Palestinians and activists who arrived there.
Next Friday another demonstration is planned in Hares. For joining, please contact Aviv –

Northern Palestinian Jordan Valley
On Wednesday, August 12, about 30 dunams and an unknown number of olive trees went up in flames, belonging to the Palestinian village of Jit (Nablus District), near the settler-colonist outpost of Havat Gil’ad. The same day, settler-colonists were reported throwing stones at a Palestinian vehicle south of Nablus.
The next day, 20 olive trees – decades old – were reported cut down on the land of Palestinian village Kafr Al Labad (Tul Karm District), probably by settler-colonists from the outpost Avnei Hefetz. The same night, August 13, settler-colonists carried out “price tag” vandal crimes in “Urif village (Nablus District), where they burnt a tractor, and in Yasouf nearby, where they vandalized 4 vehicles. In both villages, the vandals left slur and threat graffiti in Hebrew.

Palestinian Jordan Valley
In Auja, in the southern part of the Palestinian Jordan Valley, activists accompanied shepherds this week, oon Monday, Wednesday and Friday. The grazing accompanied by Israeli activists took place unhampered. However, when the accompaniers when Palestinian activists, the army notified them that they must leave the site, without showing any kind of order or document.
Activists arriving on Monday at the northern Palestinian Jordan Valley to accompany and protect shepherds around En Al Hilwa heard from the local Palestinians that settler-colonists from the outposts near Maskiyot are now harassing the shepherds on a daily basis.
To join farmers and shepherds in the Palestinian Jordan Valley, please contact Arik: 050-5607034

This week the Israeli occupation forces demolished 4 buildings in the Jabal Mukabar neighborhood, 2 in Al Azariya, and one in A-Tour.
The weekly protest in Sheikh Jarrah continues to take place every Friday, adhering to emergency procedures. The residents of Sheikh are protesting their violent evictions from their homes, the taking over of the neighborhood by the settlers, and the Judaization of East Jerusalem. They call upon each and every person who supports their struggle to join them
We will meet at the Sheikh Jarrah Garden, Nablus Road and Dahlmann St. at at 4 p.m