Sunday, September 27 2020 This week – September 20-27, 2020 – in the Occupied Territories

Inhabitants of the Palestinian town Bidiya and its surroundings (Salfit district) as well as Israeli activists demonstrated on Friday, protesting riots by settler-colonists and the Israeli army including firing live ammunition at Palestinian farmers, uprooting of olive trees and confiscation of equipment – probably while preparing the ground for a new settler-colony named “Dorot Ilit”, where future apartments are already being marketed, in the heart of Paletinian farmland; settler-colonists of the Esh Kodesh outpost vandalized Qusra village, breaking into a chicken coop, strangling and trampling to death about 200 chickens; Israei soldiers using teargas dispersed an action of tree planting by inhabitants of Palestinian village Asira Al Qibliya, wounding one of them in the face, and as the Palestinian ran away from the teargas they were attacked by stones thrown by Yitzhar settler-colonists; the settler-colonists and the Israeli army are escalating the chasing away of Palestinian shepherds from their grazing grounds, demolishing structures and waterholes, threatening and confiscating Palestinian equipment in the Palestinian Jordan Valley, West Bank Hill Range, and South Hebron Hills – where they have torn out electric poles standing along about one-half a kilometer – and the Civil Administration has no problem breaking the Sabbath in order to confiscate a concrete mixer and pump belonging to the Ma’in community; Happy New Jewish Year of a settler-colonist organization summarizes their achievements during the past year – from the number of instigated arson cases in mosques and a school through successful attacks against Palestinians and their results, with G-od’s help…

photo: Protesting the occupation at the last Saturday might demonstration on Balfour St., Jerusalem (opposite the home of Israel’s Prime Minister), September 27, 2020

As public attention is directed elsewhere, other than at the Occupied Territories, the settler-colonists increase their assaults of Palestinian communities, often closely helped and backed up by the Israeli occupation army forces.

Throughout the West Bank
On Friday, September 25, the Israeli army used teargas to disperse an action of plating trees by farmers, inhabitants of Palestinian village Asira Al Qibliya (Nablus district) and volunteers. As a result of the fire, a Palestinian was wounded in his face. When the planters ran away from the teargas, they were attacked by a group of settler-colonists coming down from Yitzhar, who threw stones at them.
The next day, Saturday, September 26, around 2 p.m., a group of settler-colonists from the Esh Kodesh outpost, entered Qusra (Nablus district). They incinerated a farm tractor, broke several solar panels and damaged watering equipment serving farm livestock. According to a researcher of Yesh Din, these settler-colonists broke into a chicken coop and caused the death of about 200 chickens, some of them trampled and others suffocated by the damages that the masked settler-colonists wrought on the coop’s air vent system. According to witnesses, the settler-colonists smashed the windshields of another two vehicles and a truck. Soldiers arriving at the place fired teargas at the… Palestinians.

The Galei Tzahal (Israeli army radio) publicized an announcement this week in which a group of settler-colonists proudly presented its “achievements” during the past year:
“With God’s help
An annual summary for the past Jewish year –
* 17 Palestinian vehicles were burnt in 12 events, 10 of them were slogan sprayed
* 2 mosques were burnt and slogan sprayed
* 188 trees were ruined during 3 different occasions
* 866 vehicles’ tires were punctured on 27 occasions, 25 of them slogan-sprayed
* 40 homes damaged on 4 occasions
* 69 vehicles were stoned on 9 occasions
* 59 Arabs were attacked on 20 occasions, 24 Arabs wounded on 14 of these occasions
* One schoolhouse was burnt
* 20 dunams of wheat were burnt
Greetings of a Good Jewish New Year.
According to the data we hold, this report is far from complete.

On Friday, September 25, inhabitants of Bidiya and Hares (Palestinian villages in the Salfit district) and several Israeli activists held a protest demonstration in the farmlands north of Bidiya. This time the Israeli army did not come to the ground and the demonstration went unhampered. These past months, numerous incidents have been recorded in this area. During July, 2 Palestinian farmers were shot by settler-colonists apparently coming from the outpost Elmatan. These days, right-wing organizations are raising funds for the shooter – Eitan Ze’ev – and have so far collected over half a million shekels for him. Ever since that incident, several times Israeli soldiers have chased Palestinian farmers away from their own lands, on September 16 the Civil Administration uprooted dozens of olive trees, and on September 23 work equipment was confiscated there. The background for these increasing harassments probably lies in the plan to erect a new settler-colony named Dorot Ilit in the heart of the Palestinian farmland lying between Bidiya and Kafr Tult. Certain Israelis claim that they own 200dunams in the area, and for the past year they have been publicizing pitches to purchase apartments that they claim would be built there in the future.
On Wednesday, September 23, the occupation authorities demolished a structure in Batir (Bethlehem district), another at Khirbet Jbara (Tul Karm district), and another in Ni’alin (Ramallah district). On Tuesday the forces confiscated 2 bulldozers at Jaloud (Nablus district) inside Area B, and therefore supposedly under Palestinian administrative responsibility.
That same day at least 3 demolition orders were issued at En Samiya, on the West Bank hill range.

West Bank Hill Range and Palestinian Jordan Valley
At Deir Jarir on the West Bank hill range, this week activists accompanied shepherds to their grazing grounds on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. On Monday the activists recorded settler-colonists stealing equipment from a Palestinian seasonal encampment that is not in use at this time of year, as well as the entry of settler-colonists and their flocks deep inside privately-owned Palestinian lands. On Thursday, after the grazing was over, an Israeli military force arrived and demanded they leave because an army maneuver was being held. The inhabitants reported that no maneuver took place there that day. On Friday, a settler-colonist tried to accuse the activists of stealing sheep that he had left (most likely intentionally) in the grazing ground. A policeman arriving there understood right away that the accusation was false, but demanded of the activists to leave the place and threatened to fine them for breaking the Corona edicts, even though they presented him with a document validating their action by the Homeland Front Command. On Saturday, when shepherds came to graze without activist accompaniment, a settler-colonist and his flock prevented them from grazing in the area.
On Wednesday and Friday, activists accompanied shepherds in the Auja area of the southern Palestinian Jordan Valley, and the session went unhampered.

South Hebron Hills
On Saturday, September 26, settler-colonists of the new outpost at Umm Zaitouna, some riding a mini-tractor, chased away shepherd of the Tha’ala community all the way into their community village, and terrorized the inhabitants, especially the children. The next day, Sunday, once again settler-colonists of the new outpost chased away shepherds from the same place. Another group of settler-colonists with dogs from the oupost Havat Maon chased shepherds of Tuba village grazing in another part of Umm Zaitouna. The settler-colonists were followed by Israeli soldiers who entered the shepherds’ village, conducted searches and tried to identify the shepherds.
The occupation authorities also exacerbated their action in the region this week. On Tuesday, close to 7 p.m., the Civil Administration confiscatd two buggers and two trucks around Birin. The next day, Israeli army forces demolished three structures and waterholes in the area called Khalet Taha (close to the town of Dir Samit, south of Dura) as well as electricity poles along one half a kilometer. On Friday, September 25, a bugger was confiscated in Darat, and the next day the Sabbath was easily desecrated by the forces doing their urgent duty – confiscating a concrete mixer and pump at Ma’in.
Palestinian Susya’s schoolhouse had two visits this week (Wednesday and Thursday) by threatening Civil Administration officials, at Birin cessation of work orders were issued on Wednesday and Thursday, and three additional ones were issued on Tursday around Tel Ma’in.

On Monday, September 21, the occupation authorities demolished 3 structures in the A-Ram neighborhood of East Jerusalem.
The weekly protest in Sheikh Jarrah continues to take place every Friday, adhering to emergency procedures. The residents of Sheikh are protesting their violent evictions from their homes, the taking over of the neighborhood by the settlers, and the Judaization of East Jerusalem. They call upon each and every person who supports their struggle to join them